Thursday 23 May 2013

How To Protect Twitter Account by Enabling Two Step Authentication

At-last the most popular micro blogging site Twitter has recently added a new step in sign-in process in order to provide a more secure experience to its users. Yes, we are talking about two step authentication about which a month ago we already break the news on Techij as Time Has Come To Introduce Twitter Two Step Verification System. Before going ahead to setup Login Confirmation it is recommend to read what is two factor authentication.

Twitter Dual Authentication

To setup mobile authentication in order to prevent unauthorized interruptions log in to Twitter and go to settings after clicking gear icon on the top right side. Scroll down page and mark check on Require a verification code when I sign in under the name Account Security. Keep in mind to enable this feature your phone number should be added in twitter account. After marking check twitter will send you a test message on your mobile phone to make ensure that your cell phone can receive messages. Click Yes and then re-enter your password to save changes. Now your setting have been saved.

Do sign out and then login to check is you are successfully enrolled in login verification. If so, to access account you will need to submit a 6 digit login code in a second step after entering correct username and password in first step.

Note: Its come in our notice that yet this feature is not available in Italy, UK, Poland, Peru, Italy, Sweden, Saudi Arabia, Australia, Colombia, Chile, France, etc.

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