Tuesday 7 May 2013

Journey From Old To New Design of 10 Most Popular Websites in World by Traffic

Some people have an interest to get know about celebrities, relatives, or of  others how they looked in past when they were young or of our age. Its a good practice especially if you use this to get a motivation or inspiration. In this post we compiled a list of worlds most popular websites in world by traffic, including a pair of screenshots including their past and present. In below list of pair of screenshots, first picture is of old new design and the 2nd one is of new look.
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10. Bing.com

Bing old layout
October 2004
Bing new layout
May 2013

9. Twitter.com

Twitter Old Design

Twitter new Design
May 2013

8. ebay.com

ebay old look
January 1999
ebay new look
May 2013

7. Amazon.com

Amazon Old Design
October 1999
Amazon new Design
May 2013

6. msn.com

msn archive
November 1999
msn current
May 2013

5. Wikipedia.com

Wikipedia old look
October 2001
Wikipedia new look
May 2013

4. YouTube.com

YouTube Old Design
June 2005
YouTube new design
May 2013

3. Yahoo.com

Yahoo old look
December 1996
yahoo new look
May 2013

2. Facebook.com

Facebook old layout

Facebook new layout
May 2013

1. Google.com

Google's Childhood
December 1998
Google's Fresh
May 2013

The Above screenshots makes clear that how many of them started their journeys with an odd website designs but with great focus on content. But today these websites have best responsive designs, entirely different from old layouts.

Hannah Jones

Author & Editor

From Skopje, Macedonia, Also works as Software Quality Assurance.


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