Friday 3 May 2013

New Method To Recover Hacked Facebook Account Via Trusted Contacts

Couple of months ago I have uploaded a live video in which I showed all the steps which I took to recover my Facebook account when its get suspended due to any suspicious activity. I also have uploaded the video on Youtube which contain all steps which I passed in security checkpoint. Yesterday fb make it more easy to recover a hacked Facebook account by introducing trusted contacts option.

facebook trusted contacts

Trusted Contacts are the friends that can securely help you on your call to get back in your account by first making confirm that its you and then by giving you security codes, after that you will be able to access your account again with new password.

To enable this option you need to first go to Account settings>Security>then click on edit option of Trusted Contacts, you can also use this link for direct access to security page

recover facebook password

In the next step you have to select 3 to 5 friends from your friend list. To go ahead click on Confirm and re-enter your password for secure continue. Now whenever you got stuck in sign-in problem with your account, you have an option to utilize your any three trusted contacts out of five by making them call for help. And also don't forget to contact Facebook if your account has been hacked.
Recover Facebook password via trusted contacts

Note: Currently an option to regain access to fb account using Trusted Friends is only available for the users which using English version.

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