Tuesday 4 June 2013

Send Large Files 1GB on Facebook Via Pipe App

Facebook is a nice social platform for people to do interaction with the rest of world via pages, messages, voice calls, video calls, photos, etc. graph search, etc. overall it is best alternative for fun and learn. But sometimes the fun get spoiled when a user wants to attach files on Facebook but unable to do so because of limit of 25 MB of maximum file size. But now we must have to say thanks to a company Pipe because, in couple of  hours they are going to release an app PIPE to send files on Facebook for free of up to 1 GB to their friends in real time.
Facebook Pipe app to send big files
According to sources, PIPE would be very easy to use. To send files either small or large, you just need to drag and drop stuff from your computer on the green tube likely in Mario game. It is necessary for a sender to be on Pipe but not for a receiver. When both sender and receiver are online simultaneously then file will transfer quickly, privately and securely. But in case receiver is offline, the Pipe will still send the file by storing it in locker for friend to retrieve it later but with limit of 100 MB.

The user can send file of any type including audio files, documents, videos, pictures, etc. According Pipe, the system is quite safer because of no intermediary server. The maximum file size is 1 GB and no limits on the number of files that can be shared. Visit Pipe on Facebook

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