Friday 31 May 2013

How to Enable Two-Step Verification on LinkedIn

LinkedIn also adopt two step authentication system, which is the most reliable method to improve account security. In which user also have to enter a security code as additional key after entering correct password.

Linked 2 step verification steps

Steps To Turn On Linked In Two Factor Auth

  1. Do sign in and go to 'Privacy and Settings'.
  2. Select the Account tab from left sidebar and then click on 'Manage security settings' option.
  3. Now change status to Turn On from OFF under Two-Step Verification. Keep in mind that turning this feature on will sign you out anywhere you're currently signed in. LinkedIn will then require you to enter a verification code the first time you sign in with a new device or LinkedIn mobile application.
  4. If yet you did not integrated your mobile phone with your account then first, you need to select your country and add a mobile phone number in next step. Other enter the verification code sent to your mobile phone and click the button to turn on Two-Step Verification and recognize your device.
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