Monday 22 July 2013

Create Your Own Twitter Profile Video Free | Vizify

Vizify is a free twitter app which help users to look and show their twitter profiles in an interesting video form. Vizify twitter video is totally based on user account information.

Vizify Twitter Video Profile

Once you give it authorization and give command to get one video for you, the app will start its work to round up your top followers, will gather your best photos, will determine your top topics, will pick your best vine videos, your popular tweets with total retweeted or favorited stats, will pick your top tweets and also summarize the time when you tweet. After that your video is almost set. Click continue and then next to customize your twitter profile video.

Customize video section

In customization you can edit,drag and drop the tiles ( to rearrange the scenes in video, and can also refresh video with your recent twitter content. Can change the background music from the available thirty soundtracks. Check out the our Vizify video of twitter profile.

To create your own video visit Vizify

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