Saturday 20 July 2013

World's Thinnest Watch | CST-01

Did you ever see a watch thinner more than a credit card and light in weight than dozen of paper clips. Yes, I'm talking about the world's first lightest and thinnest electronic wrist watch. CST-01 is the thinnest watch in the world with thickness of 0.8mm and also, the lightest watch in world because of its 12 gram weight.

cst-01 watch techij

CST-01 is designed in form of extremely slim bracelet, in which electronic ink is used to show time. In it's manufacturing number of thin layers carrying 0.7mm thick stainless spring steel band, e ink screen, the electronics and the micro energy cells to powers the watch, etc. are used. It is quite flexible, have good strength, high wear / scratch resistance, etc. overall a good example of advance composites.

In order to keep CST-01 thin and simple in design none of button or key is given in it. With this wrist watch an essential device known as Base Station will also come. The base station can be used to charge watch in only 10 minutes after that CST-01 will become able to perform at least for a month before next charge. By use (pressing and rotating) of base station upper section user can set time and its format (12 hour or 24 hour).

The company Central Standard Timing (CST) released this world's thinnest watch in three different colors (black, silver, rose gold) and sizes; small, medium and large. The estimated price of CST-01 varies from $110 to $170 USD. To preorder and for more information visit

Hannah Jones

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