Tuesday 30 July 2013

Send Free Encrypted Password Protected and Self Destructing Emails Via NoteShred

Are you still afraid after the expose of secret program PRISM? In which by violating users privacy NSA has access to the systems data (emails & chats; video & voice, uploaded documents, browsing history, social networking details, etc.) of front line internet giant companies either it is Google, Facebook, etc. in order to monitor and collect it. And in explanation they said it is only for the sake of their national security. (s). After this disgraceful internet user feel more insecure than first especially, when its the matter of sharing private information (personal photos, videos, official docs, etc.) via email. In such scenario a new free email service known as NoteShred jumps in with some unique and useful features to keep emails private.

NoteShred is a web tool which allow its users to send encrypted emails with password protection and, will also have the ability to self destruct email. The good thing or may be a bad because of spammers that you can send  emails as anonymous by hiding your actual name and id.

How to Send Secure Emails

It is quite easy to use, you even don't need to register yourself before sending emails. Just simply visit NoteShred.com and click on create a new note. Fill out all the fields by giving
a) A short title for your note,
b) Your Name,
c) Your email address for note status notifications,
d) A password with at-least of eight characters to encrypt your notes,
e) Then select how and when you want to shred the note. A user have only two options, either to shred note automatically after it viewed once by receiver or can also assign a certain time period from an hour to 24 weeks after that email will destruct itself and will not be available.
f) Write your content with an option to attach any file up to 2MB.
g) Click on Create Note
h) Now you are redirected on new page. Tap on Email this Note for further proceed.
i) Now a new sub windows will pop up, in the first field enter email addresses with comas to separate multiple id's.
j) Write any comment (optional) in the next field. You can use this section for password hints, etc.
k) Click on send email.
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Now, a recipient will get an email on his account with a link to a note, but to view it recipient will need a password. At the same time sender will also receive instant messages on his/her email account of successfully note created and other one when your message has been shredded.

Overall NoteShred is a smart and yet a nice way to send password protected secure emails with features of encryption and self destruction without any registration. For more information visit NoteShred.

Hannah Jones

Author & Editor

From Skopje, Macedonia, Also works as Software Quality Assurance.


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