Saturday 13 July 2013

Tiny Thief App From Rovio Now Available on Iphone, Ipad and Android

Rovio, developers of few most viral games including Angry Bird series has just released a new app Tiny Thief. Tiny thief is a 2D adventurous and puzzle game with good graphics.

Tiny Thief app for android and iphones techij

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This is point and click app in which Tiny Thief is a small cute boy. The boy lives in a sleaze village and decided to steal stuff from cruel people in order to help needy peoples. It is a level based games in which difficulty increase as level progress. In starting levels it seems quite easy and fun game for kids but, as I said with level progress tiny thief should need to discover more ways and tricks to solve the puzzles. But I think they should need to increase difficulty in upgrade.
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The good thing which I liked is that Rovio released this game simultaneously on Android and iOS platforms.  You can get download links according to your device from at cost of 3.51 USD.

Note: It comes in notice that on some android devices app is working properly (errors during installation). So, kindly let us know if you are also victim of such problem. Thank you!
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