Friday 9 August 2013

Keyme iOS App To Make Duplicate Keys for Free

How many times it happened to you when you reached home and upon pocket fumbling you get know that you have lost the keys. So, in such scenario what will you like to do; will you use sledge hammer or full size boot for quick results to get rid of lock, will you give a try to lock bumping techniques or would like to go in search of locksmith to unlock door with dignity. If so, then Keyme app could be very helpful for you.

Duplicate keys app

Keyme app is free ios app to download. It can scan your keys in order to generate key type and bitting code. It also allow you to save the scanned copy of key and details in cloud (but will charge $10 from credit card on accessing it). User can order ($4-$7) new duplicate keys via keyme app with free shipping or can also share details via keyme app email with family members and relatives.

How Keyme App Works

Once you downloaded the app follow below steps:
1. First of all open app and do click on scan a new copy
2. Put key on blank sheet of white paper.
3. Hold phone 4 inches above key.
4. Match the corner of red and green boxes and tap screen when ready to make a digital duplicate key.


5. Customize keys with cartoon and super heroes characters, with brands and sports, etc. to make them colorful and attractive. 
6. Go back to app main menu and tap on Help I'm Locked Out tile. Click Take To a Locksmith to access necessary details to make duplicate key. Take screenshot or note down key details in paper to give details to nearest locksmith to make key duplicate easily and quickly.

KeyMe app copies most home and office keys only, could not useful for sophisticated ones and, only supports iOS5 or later. Yet the app is not released for android and windows phone but, it is in work.

Hannah Jones

Author & Editor

From Skopje, Macedonia, Also works as Software Quality Assurance.


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