Thursday 1 August 2013

Best Free Animated GIF Creator | GIFCam

As a blogger sometime to capture computer screen to create video tutorials is necessary. For it usually we use best softwares to record screen, advanced video editors, lots of skills and time for editing and to make a to-the-point video tutorial for users by elimination of unnecessary clips. After all this hard work we still can't reduce its size that surely make uploading and buffering process complicated. So, for similar tasks but on small scale we have arranged a good solution for you as GIFCam.

What is GIFCam?

GifCam is a free animated GIF creator for windows. Which allow it users to capture screen with whatever content. It create GIFs by taking screenshots either of specific area, full screen or only by capture cursor. For smooth results user can also set frame rate per second; 10 FPS, 16 FPS and, 33 FPS.

The another good thing about GIFCam is that it also allows you to create GIFs manually. Which is really helpful in cases when you have multiple of windows to capture without any unnecessary screenshots. Check out below GIF which I created for Techij 404 not found pages.
Techij 404 Not Found page

A bunch of other cool and useful features are also included in Edit section; you can delete any recorded screenshot, can increase any frame delay time, by using right click you can add text in GIF and can also change it font, color, position, etc.

How To Make GIFs

First of all you need to download this free GIF maker to make animations, the good thing is that its size is only 668 KB. Extract it and double click GIFCam.exe to start use it without any installation. It's quite simple in use, grab any corner of newly opened window to resize GIF screen if desired otherwise, select Full Screen or capture function from options. Set frame rate and do click on REC to start capturing, otherwise use Frame button to manually capture screen. Hit save to stop it and store recorded GIF in computer. Use edit option to eliminate any frame, to change delay time or to enter text. Click new to make new GIF.

Bunny Found A Friend
Bunny Found A Friend

Overall this application can be use as a good alternative for small tutorials.
Visit GIFCam for more details.

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