Friday 2 August 2013

Google AdSense Responsive Ad Units | A Complete Guide

Just a week ago Google made some modifications in AdSense text ads by adding favicon along each url. Now in there blog they officially made announcement of AdSense Responsive Ads. The quality of these ads is that they change their size according to the visitors screen size.

Ad performance in Different Resolutions

For folks which don't know what is responsive web design? Summarily it s term which is being used for website designs which can response differently by adapting each screen size of different devices. Devices like  tablets (Ex. 600 x 800) , smartphones (Ex. 320 x 480), PC's (Ex. 1280 x 800), etc. they all have different screen resolutions. So, a website with responsive design will rearrange it contents vertically so that none of content will remain hidden horizontally in case of small resolutions.

Since from 2009 mobile internet users are increasing dramatically and now in 2013 internet visitors via desktop and from mobile phones are approximately become equal in numbers. And in coming years mobile based users will surely beat desktop internet users in stats.


How To Create?

Go to > My Ads > New Ad unit > From drop down ad size field select Responsive Ad Unit (Beta). Follow other steps as usual to generate the code. Leaderboard and Banner units are included in code  as default. You can modify code by replace media queries for your own site requirements and desired (large square, etc.) size units. Copy the entire script and paste it in your website which must complies with AdSense programme policies.

What are Benefits of Adsense Responsive Ad Units

By use of this amazing feature you can get rid of scripts and bunch of ad codes which you were using to hide and show different units on different devices to enhance user experience and, will help to reduce size load.

Can I Use AdSense Responsive Ad Unit on My Blog?

Yes, you can place responsive ad units in your website whether it is with responsive design or not.

How do I check Is My Site design is responsive or not?

1. Use respective device to visit and check your site performance.
2. Tons of online tools to check responsive design are available, you can use any of them.
3. Open your website in any browser. Grab any corner of window and re-size it manually and check whether your site is responding by rearranging its content or not. Check out below Gif animation which I created to show you how websites with responsive design perform on different resolutions.

4. Create iframes with different screen sizes according to smartphones, tablets, desktops, etc. Use this code for iframes.

Why Ads are not changing its size?

Once ad get uploaded in specific window size it wont change its size on change of resolutions until, you wont open a new window or refresh the existing one with desired available size.

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