Wednesday 21 August 2013

Best Online Hearing Test Free To Check Ears Age In Seconds

As we grow older we often lose the extreme ends of our hearing spectrum. As many of folks are fond of heavy loud music so its necessary to check by simple online hearing test free that is your ears are working fine according to your age. 

This online hearing test use frequency to check your ears performance with respect to age. To begin test watch below video in highest possible quality with headphones instead of speakers.

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If you can hear;

  • 8000 Hertz your ear are alive and not hearing impaired. But let's keep raising the frequency.
  • 12K Hz : Your's average age is under 50
  • 15K Hz it means you are below 40
  • Under 30 years of age people can hear frequency of 16k Hz
  • If you can hear 18K Hz it means you average age is under 24
  • And in last if you can hear frequency of 19k Hz means you can heard all above frequencies too. And its shows that your ears performance and age is under 20.
But, the fact is good ear performance will not last forever. Because unlike other organs such as skin or liver, the inner ear does not have the ability to revive. In an ear there are thousands of tiny nerve cells called hair cells are responsible for picking up different frequencies and, sending the signal to the brain where it's processed. But as your age the continuous to noise and loud sounds can break, bend and destroy the cells. So, after the multiple of hearing test results it is observed that the older you are the harder it is to hear high frequencies.

So, let us know via comments how many of the following sounds can you hear? How old are your ears?
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Note: Don't be Depress if results are not good. Because, this is NOT a clinical test secondly, results also varies with devices thirdly, the selected frequencies are not enought for accurate results. But at-least the test is not useless, Enjoy!
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