Wednesday 21 August 2013

To Embed Facebook Posts Option Released For All

Finally Facebook released a new feature for all fb users to embed facebook posts on website. By use of this feature from now every body can integrate any type of publicly available content on facebook in his website or blog.

Embed Facebook videos posts hashtags status

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The first announcement about this feature was made by Dave (Software Engineer) in July on Facebook developers official blog as "We are going to launch a new feature which allow bloggers to easily embed Facebook posts into blogs and websites." Just after three days of announcement we 

The method to embed facebook posts on blog is quite simple. Just click on timestamp visible along each post or select Embed Post from drop down at right side of each post. Copy and paste the code in your blog wherever you want to show the post. 

embed facebook post

The code is based on JS SDK and simple line of code. I have shared methods in advance on 3rd August just after 3 days of first announcement to do the same thing but quite smartly by split of code. In order to reduce the script size and to avoid possible page performance damage.

Check out below post which I have embedded from facebook page, and kindly don't forget to give a hit on Like and Share. :)

february 10 2016 - how many days until february 20 2016

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  1. i can't found the timestamp button on the face pls tell me the exact point of time stamp button...on facebook

  2. @Rakes Verma: Please check this image and also visit for more details.