Friday 23 August 2013

Chrome 30 Beta Makes Easy To Search By Image

Google has just launched a new web browser Chrome 30 in beta for desktop and Android. Well the Chrome 30 beta comes with couple of new features but, the prominent one is Search by Image. Search by Image features lets you to quickly make an image search to get related information; actual name, size, best guess for image, similar images and, will also show the pages that include matching images.

Google Chrome 30 beta Android

To use search by image feature do right click or tap and hold on image for a while to select Search Google for this image in desktop and smartphones, respectively. The other noticeable improvements and additions in Chrome for Android are; Draggable menu, double tapping and finger swiping gesture for easy to zoom, easy to switch tabs by horizontal swip, and etc.

Google Chrome 30 is compatible with Mac, Android and Windows; XP, Vista, 7 and 8. Well as I stated above Chrome 30 was in Beta So, you might face some technical issues likely crash or something else.
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