Thursday 22 August 2013

Best Tool To Change Web Fonts Free | TypeWonder

As a blog owner we must have to take care a lot of web fonts with other things. Because web fonts are quite important factor that effects on visitor stay time on blog, etc. And if you are an old reader of our blog then you definitely realized the changes like in design, colors,  load time, etc. to enhance user experience. Now the tool which I'm going to introduce is TypeWonder, An interesting tool to allow everybody to read any website in his desired web fonts in browser.

typewonder best web fonts change
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TypeWonder is free online tool that uses free fonts from Google collection. It allow web owners to test and select best web fonts for their web pages easily with live preview. TypeWonder also allow all internet users to read any websites in desired comfortable web font in real time without any registration.

How To Use TypeWonder To Change Web Fonts

Visit and simple, write web url in field and hit enter. Select font either from popular fonts or by name search and click use for instant preview.
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techij typewonder

In case you liked any font and want to use in your web page permanently then, click Get Code to grab code to use in your website. Use this link to view Techij in vampiro one.
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