Monday 12 August 2013

How To UnBlock Websites Free

There are tons of offline / online paid / free proxy sites are available to unblock websites but, at school, university or at work these tricks usually won't work. Though we know free proxies are not a charities so, obviously they show popup ads with in unblocked websites to convert traffic into money. But there is free method to unblock websites with Archive without any need to download software's or use of any unsafe third parties proxies.

open blocked websites

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Now I'm gonna share a new trick which I have discovered myself during university when I needed to visit few websites including to watch some tutorials related to my engineering project.

What is

Internet Archive is a non profit organization providing a free access to a digital library of over regularly updated 353 billion web pages, books, audios and videos.

To open blocked website visit  and put the desired url in wayback machine and hit enter to access an archived copy of restricted, deleted, or downed website.
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Internet archive also has some limitations:
You can't make signup's or even can't do sign-in in most websites even via third parties; Facebook, etc.
Intermittently Internet Archive crawl websites and save a new backup of there web pages in their system. So, there is a possibility that you can't access the new posts of websites that update their content frequently. But I have also arranged a break for it. If you can any how get link of new article via Google search but couldn't access it because it was restricted in your country or because of any other reason. Then just copy the desired link and make a new URL like:
Replace the link in blue with your destination link but don't with homepage link, because it will redirect you back to recently archived data.
Can open even unblock websites at school, at university, at work even the websites which are restricted by government. Since almost from a year in Pakistan we don't have normal access to (because YouTube did not removed a trailer of film insulting ISLAM resulting in a ban for undefined particular period of time by PTA due to YouTube's non obedience) and to most adult websites. But with this free service you can open YouTube in Pakistan and in all countries where this third most visited website is blocked either partially or completely.

How It is Better than Google Translate Proxy and Cache to Unblock Websites
A user can't make search with in unblocked websites; YouTube, most of the elements get skewed and comments sections is not visible. Whereas in cache a user can't access other links of unblocked website.

It will also not show any extra advertisements with in unblocked websites. It could also be helpful for bloggers to get back data of their automatic deleted blogs.
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This method will work on mac, windows, chrome, Firefox, explorer, opera and all other machines and browsers until Internet Archive itself not blocked in your country.

Warning and Request:
Only you are responsible of all activities which will performed by you via this service and, we don't take any responsibility. Still my request is that kindly only use this method to unblock websites only for good educational purpose. Thank you!
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Hannah Jones

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From Skopje, Macedonia, Also works as Software Quality Assurance.


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