Tuesday 20 August 2013

Twitter Adds Related Headline New Feature

Just now Brian Wallerstein, Twitter's software engineer just make an official announcement on twitter blog that from today you a twitter users will see a new addition of Related Headline feature just after the permalink. The Related Headline section will show a links of website where the tweet is embedded.

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The main purpose behind the release of Related Headline feature is to facilitate the twitter users to followup the detailed story behind the tweet of up to 140 characters.Only links of those site will appear which embedded the same tweet in their blog.

Make it clear that the Related Headline will appear only at tweet's permalink page, not on website tweet embed blog post and neither on twitter timeline. To view tweet as permalink click time stamp (appears on right side of each tweet).

This feature could also be work for bloggers as a great source to drive a targeted referral traffic on their blogs.
how many days until february 12 2016 - february 18 2016

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