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Innoveco Battery Case For iPhone 5S and 5C

As an engineer rarely I have to go out of city for industrial visits or for outdoor testing. So, in such journeys I use my iPhone quite a lot than usual to pass my spare time via internet use. But, mostly I have to give up after 7-8 hours with almost dead battery to use phone for any important use. So, if you are also suffering something similar or planning a full day or more out door activity then I will recommend you to must bring battery cases with you to multiply your phone built-in battery time.

Best Battery Case For iPhone 5S and 5C

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Battery cases / power bank are portable backups especially designed to recharge your phones when its not possible to charge phones via power adapters or USB to computer.

Well in iPhone 5S (1570mAh) and 5C (1507mAh) Apple expanded a battery time slightly in comparison to iPhone 5 (1440mAh). So, now they have 10 hours talk time / video playback / internet use, means its enough for a normal user to easily spend all day with it without out any problem. But, if you are travelling and have not access to adapter, etc. then the Innoveco's new power bank for iPhone 5S and 5C might be a good option for you.
Best Battery Case For iPhone 5S and 5C

Innoveco battery jacket is easy to use, light weight and has a beautiful neat design with capacity of 1800mAh, enough to fully recharge your iPhone 5S or 5C once more. Innoveco battery jacket has a built-in rechargeable Li-polymer battery and, LED icons to show the power remains in battery case. Unlikely most of others battery cases Innoveco adds cutouts in their battery jacket for headphone minijack, microphone, built-in speaker and also for sleep/wake button on top.

Best Battery Case For iPhone 5S and 5C

Best Battery Case For iPhone 5S and 5C
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Innoveco battery case is available in white and black colors at low price of 9.5 USD excluding shipping cost that depends on location and varies from $2 to $20.
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