Wednesday 25 September 2013

YouTube Adds New Comment Settings and Free Audio Library

YouTube has just rolled out a two new features Comment Settings to manage comments and free audio library for background music under Community and Creation Tools section, respectively appears on left sidebar.

Youtube Comments settings managements how to block comments in youtube

By Comments settings YouTube puts more control in hands of content creators to stop vulgarity and spammers. Admin can block any user by adding his/her Google plus name or email address in block list to stop showing his comments. Same like Facebook blocking feature admin can add inappropriate keywords in blacklist to cut down related comments which he would like to block from appearing on his content. Comments closely matching with blacklist keywords will be marked as spam and then content owner will decide either to approve it or not.

The comments section would not only be worthwhile for video creators, it will also be useful for all users to keep their channel discussion tab clean.

Youtube Audio Library how to download free background music

While audio library is a diverse collection of high quality music for video creators to use, free of charge. User can easily search a music of desired type (not length) from dozen of categories and their subcategories and, can play it in real time, can download it for offline use and, can mark it as favorite for later use. Yet the library is not big and seems it has only a collection of few hundred tracks not like 150,000+ as available in audio section in video editing tool. It seems to be good option for amateur / novice  video makers to find some cool, decent and free to download tunes as a background music for their tuts, picture videos, example. Even you don't need to worry about licensing, and attacks on channels because of this CC music.

Moreover you can add your  own great creations too in audio library via this link, may be in future they will monetize it too.

Now as you can see the Community and Creation Tools sections are drop down, so possibly soon they might add some more features along comments settings and audio library, respectively.
how many days until january 21 2016 - march 11 2016

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