Thursday 12 September 2013

Google Plus Photo Editing Tool With New Cool Features

Google Plus adds some new features in their photo editing tool by utilizing the snapseed app. These new features will help you to customize photo and can apply some cool effects too.

For editing upload and open your photo in Google plus light box (by click on image). Click on EDIT button appears on top of photo along other old options; share, slideshow, crop, rotate etc.Once you click on edit some new editing tools will load and appears on right side in browser.

With new features of Google plus photo editing tool you can auto enhance, fine tune full image or selective parts by adjusting brightness, contrast and can apply different effects (vintage films, center focus, etc.) and filters You can also add some cool frames from lib too.

google plus best online photo editing tool

One thing you should have to make sure to use Google+ photo editing new features is to only use updated chrome browser. Browsers other than chrome even in incognito mode it will not work.

The cool thing about Google plus photo editing tool, after editing you can compare customized image with original one and, can also undo all editing any time.

Note: The tool with new applications is rolling out gradually. So, that's why some people are facing some issues in launch of new photo editor.
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  1. Wow!! That's really sounds good and very vital signed by Google and I like this Google plus online photo editor with some new cool features and that really makes me impressed. So thanks a lot man :)