Friday 13 September 2013

Downsides of Google Plus Auto Blog Post Sharing Feature

A day or two ago Google Plus rolled out a new feature for bloggers to share their blog posts automatically on Google Plus linked profile instantly. Indeed its an awesome feature and quite effective to save time to socialize your blog posts on Google plus. But there is no doubt by use of little tricks spammers can drum their blogs with traffic.

Downsides of Google Plus Auto Blog Post Sharing Feature

Besides its use for spamming I would like to point out few drawbacks of auto sharing blog posts on Google plus;

  • In auto sharing Google Plus pull out and use the first available image on your blog. For example, in my case the shared blog posts on Google plus using Techij logo, which is obviously irrelevant to article.
  • You can't use hash-tags (#) in your auto shared post to describe your article or to get some traffic, even Google Plus does not create hast-tags automatically after analyzing post title and description snippet as they do in manual one.
  • While sharing blog post manually on Google plus a blogger usually adds couple of eye catching words as detail in blog post title to attract people to read more but, unfortunately you can't use similar tricks to get some extra traffic and attention.
Because of above mentioned downsides I personally disable this auto sharing feature on +Techij  and, come back to previous one Prompt to Sharing After Posting to share blog posts manually on Google Plus.
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