Sunday 8 September 2013

Ring Clock | A Modern Finger Watch For Men's And Women's

In today's modern era competitive market every gadget either small or big is being presented with more innovation, creativity, and aesthetic to attract more people. The beautiful ring watch named as Ring Clock is the latest example of the scenario as mentioned first. Ring Clock is a combination of finger ring and wrist watch, means its especially designed to kick off a new trend to wear watch on finger instead of wrist.

ring click mechanical jewellery

A young 24 years old developer from Hungary has designed a prototype of a new era modern finger watch named as Ring Clock to wear watch on finger as ring for men's and women's both. Ring Clock will show time via LED lights on finger twist. This unique ring watch has three rings to indicate hours, minutes and, seconds in different colors; orange and blue. Dimensionally its 14mm wide, approximately 3.25mm thick and available in 15.7 to 23.8 inner diameter.

best finger watch beautiful ring clock finger size

The coolest thing about Ring Clock finger watch is that it has no bumps on body to adjust time. Ring Clock has simple, smooth and clean design equipped with ultra-thin LED and battery technology. Moreover, to set time and charging, a wireless charging pad will comes in accessories. Ring Clock will take about two hours for a complete charge and will give a running time of up-to a week.

ring watch ring clock wireless charging pad

Developer also said Ring Clock (a kind of mechanical jewellery) is water proof but, its use in swimming or at bathing is not appropriate. The price of this beautiful, hi-tech finger watch Ring Clock would be $400 USD but you can buy Ring Clock (link to developer site) at price of $185 USD by preorder and can get this gear in April 2014 as first batch.
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  3. i'm gonna get one ... cool