Sunday 8 September 2013

Veritabs Chrome Extension To Show Tabs Vertically in Sidebar

Veritabs is a new free chrome extension to manage and show chrome tabs vertically in sidebar for quick and easy navigation. Veritabs manages your opened tabs in chrome browser and shows them vertically aligned in sidebar with enabled scrolling to navigate tabs easily in no time.

veritabs best chrome extensions to manage tabs

Its usuall for a internet user to many tabs in browser but, multi tabs become annoying when suddenly any tab starts making noise, when they starts to eat machine speed and, when the web page titles starts cropping  or starts disappearing  with decrease in tabs size as more tabs you open and makes it hard to distinguish which webpages via tabs. To pinpoint the annoying web page as mentioned in first problem YouTube recently made a new release as Play Icon feature and, to resolve speed problem OneTab is a best chrome extension to reduce the ram consumption by brings all tabs into one tab. To manage hidden favicons and titles of webpages in tabs Veritabs jumps in chrome web store.
Veritabs is free to install chrome extension. Once you installed it a sidebar in browser window will appear on mouse hover. You can also make few changes via settings,
  • Attach the bar to the right side of the screen
  • By default veritabs bar is on auto show / hide, means it appears with mouse hover but you can make it fix as full / only icon by clicking icons appears on top right and bottom left. 
  • Moreover it also works on full screen browser window (F11).
Check out below GIF to see how Veritabs works,

veritabs best chrome extension manage tabs

Jordan Vincent designer and developer of this awesome plugin for chrome browser also said that soon they are going to add two more new features; Groups of tabs and Enhancing the full screen experience in Veritabs. Download Link
january 29 2016 - how many days until march 3 2016

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  1. This is actually useful. Gives a better view of the open tabs, great for things like researching when a lot of stuff must be open. That's actually why I downloaded it for torch browser and it works very well!