Friday 20 September 2013

Pay With A Tweet | An Interesting Social Media Tool

Use of Gmail to send money makes some sense but Pay with a Tweet is incomprehensible that, how it is possible to pay via tweet? Actually Pay With A Tweet is not a medium to send or receive payments, rather it is something like social download locker.

pay with a tweet techij

By use of Pay with a Tweet (PWT) you can sell your products in exchange of tweets. You can add anything in your product; either a downloadable file or product link just for promotion. For example check out this PWT LINK which I have created for a free best ears performance test with age in a minute.

Pay with a tweet is actually an awesome tool that can be use effectively in giveaways to get publicity on social media. It is free to use. You just need to fill up the simple form on with product name, download link, etc. to generate and embed a PWT button in your website. Your website visitors then simple click on PWT button to download ebook or any other giveaway stuff they should need to share it first on social media either via tweet on twitter, or via LinkedIn, VK and Facebook share.

Checkout below video to see how much it is easy to sells products for the price of a tweet.

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