Monday 23 September 2013

Now AdSense Will Warn On Policy Violation Before Disabling Ad Serving

Google AdSense has just rolled out a new feature in publishers account to check notifications of possible violation of AdSense policies by a website using AdSense units. You can also see a history with brief details of violations by your site(s) identified by AdSense. The best thing is that from now Google AdSense will inform you about three days ago before disabling ad serving on your site via this feature.

AdSense Policy Violation

Earlier than today there was a biggest fear for AdSense Publishers that in majority of cases Google disabled accounts without giving any warning. In email after account deletion they just say we have found some XYZ violation and in interest of Advertisers we are disabling your account. And obviously that is the biggest frustration for site owners which uses AdSense as the only source of income.

From June 2013 on 10th birthday with release of score card to monitor overall performance of website and ads, and other updates it was a clear perception that AdSense starts soften their mass banning behavior. And wants to allow time and chance to publishers to learn, understand and review from warnings and performance reports in order to comply their sites according to AdSense programme policies. And the recent Policy Violation feature (can be seen on right sidebar in AdSense account) will surely help to get know in advance about identified violation before possible inactivation of ad serving.

AdSense Policy Violation

In case you received a notification then you should have to make your site in compliance according to policies by taking appropriate steps after reading details shown in notifications within a deadline of three days. Otherwise if you missed or skipped to check notifications and didn't make changes to your site then potentially AdSense will disable your account or ad serving on specific site. But still you can reactivate your account by submitting a reconsideration request after making appropriate changes.

Yet AdSense didn't make any announcement on official blogs. But, you can get more details about it via

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