Saturday 14 September 2013

A Free Twitter Fake Followers Checker

One of the interesting facts about twitter is that there are almost more than 20,000,000 fake twitter accounts, which becomes roughly 4% of total twitter accounts. So, fake twitter accounts are not created just to slow down the Twitter's server. Obviously these fake twitter accounts are created by bots, owned and used by some so called SMM (Social Media Marketers) to increase number of followers of their clients. Well there are also couple of online services to increase fake followers on principle of give and take.

Twitter Fake Followers Checker

A fake twitter users is defined as someone who follows thousands of users without having followers of their own or tweets.

Interestingly now you can check fake followers of any twitter user via instead of being deceived by his popularity. You just have to make sign-in via your twitter account in order to use Twitteraudit free service. Then simply enter the twitter username of any twitter user in relevant field and hit enter to get result in seconds about real and fake followers.

I also checked twitter accounts of some popular and my favorite brands and I got following audit score;
  • @ufc - 66% (percentage of real followers)
  • @wwe - 41%
  • @schwarzenegger - 67%
  • @nba - 56%
  • @google - 46%
  • @twitter - 52%
  • @techijcom - 56%
Well personally speaking I don't see any potential in these results to conclude concrete results and establish opinions about twitter fake followers of any user.
january 24 2016 - how many days until march 8 2016

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