Saturday 14 September 2013

3 Best Tools To Convert Text To ASCII Art

ASCII Art is a digital art, in which numbers, alphabets, and symbols are use exquisitely to form a beautiful graphics. In early days people create ASCII art manually  and use it for different purposes including to show their talent or to impress someone especial. And perhaps you have seen ASCII art as Text or Images on various profiles on social networks. I have also created a one for +Techij and you can see it live right now in web source (Ctrl + u). Now the good thing is that you can create cool ASCII art in seconds online from your desired text and image.

text to ascii converter online

Text To ASCII Converters

To convert text to ASCII art probably you will not find tools better than mentioned one. These online converters are quite simple in use to convert text to ASCII art in your desired fonts and formats. Even you don't need to make signup to use free service.

This ASCII generator allows you to generate ASCII graphic into 130 cool fonts. You can also customize ASCII graphic by changing width, adjustments, by applying stretch and reflections. The only downsides of FIGlet are; it's not real time ASCII generator,  You need to manually click on Do It button to create ASCII art and a mouse cursor to copy it.

It generate ASCII art in real time from text with little customization. Use a mouse to manually select and copy generated ASCII art in to email signatures, websites, profiles, etc.

This ASCII online converter is the best one among all I have mentioned above. It is fast, has so many (300+) cool fonts,  allow users to convert their desired text in just a single click to test and view all results in a single list. Moreover you can select text by a single button and can also share link of ASCII graphic on Twitter, Facebook and Google Plus directly from web.
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