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How To Add Mobile Frames To Screenshots and Photos

Frequently I share tips, tricks, games, useful applications and other useful stuff related to mobiles under How-To category in this blog. So, in such reviews and tutorials I often include screenshots (sometimes after modifications) for better understanding where I feel them necessary. But yesterday I got a message on Techij Facebook page in which someone asked a question about my recent post 13 Best Minimalist Wallpapers for iPhone 5’s. In a message he asked that is the first image in mentioned post is real or did I make it via Photoshop or any other software. Then I replied No, neither it is real nor it is Photoshop, I used online tools to add iPhone frames on pictures.

techij how to add device frames to mobile screenshots pictures and photos for free with online tools


MockUPhone is a free online tool that lets you to cover your screenshots in your favorite mobile devices with several colors and angles. They have a decent collection of frames for new and popular devices of iOS, Android and Windows platforms includes; iPhone 5's, iPads, Google Nexus, Samasung Galaxy S4 and Nokia Lumia 920, etc. in all available colors.

How To Add Device Frames To Photos

Visit and pick your device in desired color. Upload or drag your desired screenshots on web app but first make sure to follow the aspect ratio according to device resolutions in order to perfectly fit to the screen. For example for iPhone 5's frame image recommended size is 640 x 1136 pixels. After that click on generate product mockups and preview results before download. Once you satisfied with results download them after submitting your email address by click on download my mockups. The download file will include framed screenshots in HD in four possible angles; angle, landscape, portrait, and side.

To take screenshots on; iPhones press home plus sleep, Android phones press volume down plus buttons, and on windows phone press power key plus start key simultaneously.
Well is not the only online free tool to apply frames on screenshots or pictures. You can find lot of other free device frame generators for same purpose with availability of more device frames to make your screenshots elegant and professional.
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