Thursday 3 October 2013

Tower Infinity The Invisible Skyscraper

Probably you may have seen some popular so-called magic shows on television in which magicians disappear elephants, vehicles and structures in front of viewers and paid audience. But, interestingly in South Korea, the GDS architects decided to build Tower Infinity, a skyscraper which can disappear anytime by use of technology instead of any incantations. 

south korea Tower infinity seoul invisible

According to GDS architects, rather to create just another tallest building we decided to build a glass made invisible structure. Optical cameras and LED's will play the major role to make Tower Infinity invisible. By the use of LED's lights and optical cameras with specific positions, they will create a reflex on the external surface of Tower Infinity to blend it according to surroundings.

seoul tower infinity invisible how it works

south korea tower infinity invisible

The Tower Infinity is solely designed for enjoyment purpose and will include amusement park features water slides, orchards, roller coaster, etc., marriage halls, restaurants, clubs, gymnasium, and the world's second highest observation deck on height of 392 meters from the ground.

tower infinity seoul observation deck

According to the source the Tower Infinity will have a height of 450 meters, means it will come parallel to the China's Zifeng Tower a 10th tallest building in the world. Dangerously, the invisible Tower Infinity will be located near to Incheon airport. But its creators reject these dangers and said this iconic landmark will showcase South Korea's emerging and innovative technology as first impression for tourists especially coming from Incheon airport. 

The details about expected costs and finish date for Tower Infinity have not released yet.
january 16 2016 - how many days until march 16 2016

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