Wednesday 2 October 2013

10 Best Business Card Examples For Websites

No matter from what type of business you are linked, a business card is an essential part of professionalism. Business cards creates the first impression of your services and are exchanged for the ease of further possible communications in future. So, that’s why a brief detail about you or your business with contact details are the mandatory part of any business card. But the addition of outclass and unique desing in business card can make it standout among others. Indeed a beautiful striking design of business card will improve chances to remain longer in pocket and memory of your potential customer.

Below I have shared some designs of business cards for websites, bloggers, and developers. As most of the website owners, bloggers,etc. are self employed and they don’t have team of expertise in various fields. So, you can take inspiration from our collection of business cards for websites, social media sites, etc. and can come up with your own stunning work.

Google Plus:

This outstanding superb business card for Google+ social network is designed by lemongraphic's.

Best Business Cards Ideas For Websites google plus


Actually this card has a design inspired by a social website Facebook. You can replace +1 icon with your website logo, background colors according to your website.

Best Business Cards Ideas For Websites facebook

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A strange and most popular make money blog where John Chow makes millions by telling people how he make money from John Chow business card design is quite decent and the colors are used in matching of blog theme. In October 2011 he ordered these cards especially for 3 days BlogWorld Expo.

Best Business Cards Ideas For Websites johnchow


With almost 5 billion searches per month Bing is the emerging 4th most popular web search engine in world owned by Microsoft. Unlikely Bing home page features new gorgeous images as background on daily basis Bing business card has a logo and details on blank background. 

Best Business Cards example For Websites bing search


Business cards for LinkedIn employees are both side printed. Unlikely Bing, LinkedIn keep the back side fully printed by use of image quotes which has made it even more attractive than front side.

Best Business Cards example For Websites linkedin social network for professionals


I don't think there is any need to introduce Mashable here especially for geeks. Well in short Mashable is one of the best and most popular source for tech news especially the cover social media news, gadgets and so on.

Best Business Cards example For Websites mashable tech blog

STC Network

STC Network is a  Pakistan's first registered blogging network and on of their blog is the world's one of the most popular unofficial source for Blogger. MBT mostly shares SEO tips and tricks, how-to tuts, widgets, and other useful stuff related to blogging.

Best Business Cards example For Websites blog developer my blogger tricks blog


Best Business Cards example For Websites blog developer twitter social network micro blogging

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These are not Yahoo! standard cards, rather mark norman designed these moo cards. A codes snippet on right side of card makes it appropriate for web developers or programmers.

Best Business Cards example For Websites blog developer yahoo


This is a final design for Techij blog business card which I have recently designed and, in a day or two I will send it for printing. You can see I keep it simple and tried to keep the color combination similar to blog. Even, I didn't forget to add a navigation bar in a card as black strip appears on top :)

Best Business Cards example For Websites blog developer techij latest technology blog

Well the list is over but I hope you have picked some idea for your own business card design. If you wish to see your website / blog business card with outclass design in this post, then send me it with small description via Contact page, Thank you!

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