Thursday 24 October 2013

BloodyHelp Free Mobile App For Easy Blood Donations

BloodyHelp is a new free web and mobile app for android and iOS smartphones to facilitate communication among willing blood donors and people in need, it will be done through the use of smartphones that allow contact applicants with donors that are int he near location.

bloody help best free health app to donate blood for android phones and iphones
BloodyHelp working process is simple. If you are in search for blood donors or want to donate blood voluntarily then you need to register yourself first either from web or via smartphone app by giving your basic must required information like; name, blood group, age, location and email address. After that install app according to your device; Android and iOS.

bloodyhelp android health app for blood donations

Then whenever anybody needs blood donation he can make search after login to bloodyhelp app in order to find information of registered blood donors nearest to him with the same blood group and can also contact him to request donation via email.

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Well to me this BloodyHelp app seems quite useful because, it will help to reduce the worldwide mortality rate for people who need blood transfusions and do not receive it on time.
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