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How to Secure your WiFi wireless network signals from Stealing

How you feel when suddenly receive unprotected Wi-Fi signals or unsecured WiFi or you get reach to any other WiFi network. We just suck it his entire internet... Yes we did our best to do such things, now a day’s internet is so cheap and almost everybody have access to World Wide Web, but we did all for adventurism.

Today’s worlds which can’t be imagine living without internet, which s some time ago is just a dream, anyway it is another story. Lets fast forward it and comes in 2012 and talk about digital world. In past we pay for minutes for internet access, but now it’s not. The speedup technology makes our lives easier and technology becomes cheaper and easy to use with time. Internet also passes through this transformation. We took start WiFi network, which is recent advancement in digital communication. Restaurants, libraries, airports, etc. almost everywhere you are comes out and entering into another’s WiFi network. There is no doubt that WiFi make use of internet as simple and easy as cell phone. But as you hear that good and bad both moving together. And unfortunately misuse of internet settings, means entering in your network without your permission is now a normal thing for anybody. And you know this, that’s why you are reading this post, because you have a threat that somebody is using your WiFi internet and you want to know about it and make sure that is your WiFi network is secured or not.
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When internet thieves who know how to steal WiFi network signals and always are in search of free WiFi hotspots  enters into your Wi-Fi connection and use your internet without permission then your internet speed slow down. And the more dangerous problem is that the person who is stealing your Wi-Fi signals can also get your data from computer, and can also enter virus in it. But this is not such a problem which hasn’t any solution. You can make safe your Wi-Fi internet connection by following and understanding our point techniques, tricks and information from Wi-Fi thieves.

In wireless network a broadband connection which can be in form of DSL, cable or satellite modem, connects with Router, which sends WiFi signals, which we call it Local Area Network (LAN). We can connect computers, laptops, printers, etc. with LAN. In Routers there is Dynamic Host Client Protocol (DHCP), which table shows that what computing devices are connected with network. Every computer device has its own Media Access Control (MAC) address. MAC address is set by manufacturers, but you can also change it. By using these addresses Routers assign Internet Protocol (IP) to every device which is connected with Routers. So for to get info about access of anybody in network MAC and IP addresses helps a lot. So if your internet connection is working slow or giving slow speed, or it finishes before limited internet volume, so it have chances that your neighbors enjoying a free internet. In this case first check that is your wireless network is secure or not.
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After buy, during installation of wireless WiFi Router an option of “Wireless Encryption Protocol Key (WEP Key)” comes up, basically it is a way of securing network using password. If your network is working without WEP Key, it means that anybody in yours Wi-Fi range can use and connect with your network without any hurdle and can use internet. And keep in mind that this is not comes in hacking category and me also don’t call it stealing, because this is your default that why you not make secure your network by using password protection for WiFi.

If your network is protected by WEP Key, then in that condition we didn’t give a guarantee that it is 100% or fully secured and nobody can use it without your permission. In such condition check Internet Log, where all devices are visible which are in connect with your network, which shows that which one is yours device and which one is not. In a similar way you can also check data of all connected devices by visiting DHCP table of Router. In both situations unknown and unrelated devices or internet thieves can easily be detectable.

Nobody wants that his internet will use in any unlawful activity, that’s why to make internet secure is very necessary. Although WEP Key not give 100% security to network but its use is necessary. By WEP Key or by Password protection internet or WiFi thieves which use your internet sometimes are stoppable, but those persons who live in your WiFi range like your neighbors not refrain from putting a pall. Then you have to take help from security protocol like WiFi Protected Access (WPA), it is more secure, but professional and masters IT Guru’s can also find a way to entering in network.
Assignment of DHCP manually is also a better way. For this purpose change your Router’s DHCP setting to manual and enters address physically into each computer or related device (like cell phone). By taking this step only those get access to your network those have IP address of certain serial.

Wifi internet network signals unsecured use password protectionAnd if you still not satisfied from manual DHCP setting and want to know how to secure your Wi-Fi network then make MAC access list with the help of Browser Interface of Router. By the way hackers can also by pass it, but MAC and other ways of securing network make your home network safe almost 95%. We can also trace people who have access to your network by Internet Monitoring Software’s (IMS). Especially for those who haven’t sufficient information of wireless security, given method are more users friendly. And more, internet monitoring software can easily tell you that where and at what volume your internet connection is using. In almost all routers monitoring options are present, and in this case Router’s users guide is helpful.

The best way to safe from WiFi thieves are by OFF your SSID of your Router. By doing this your network becomes invisible, and it is almost impossible to reach to such Wi-Fi Network which not shows any Radar like in WiFi search. So next time when you found any stranger near to your house or any unknown car parked near to your house, and you have suspicion that this person enjoying a free Wi-Fi internet connection, then this time it will not difficult for you to detect it.

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Terms Use Above:
What is WiFi Router? : A device which send and emits Wi-Fi signals.
LAN: Local Area Network
DHCP: Dynamic Host Client Protocol
MAC: Media Access Control
IP: Internet Protocol
WEP Key: Wireless Encryption Protocol Key
What is Internet Log? : Where all connected devices are visible
WPA: WiFi Protected Access are Visible
IMS: Internet Monitoring Software
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