Thursday 27 September 2012

New Smart Cuckoo Wrist Watch Especially For Smartphone Users | Features and Price

A new Smart Wrist watch named Cuckoo watch is being introduced in IFA electronics exhibition held in Berlin, Germany. It will happen a lot of time especially when you are bit busy in some work and your phone rang but you did not know because it may be possible that the cell phone was in your pocket or may be at silent mode. It may also possible that you have an important meeting with somebody but you forget about it. Or you got some important message but you check it later when it’s useless. There are also so many problems that users face usually when there Smartphone’s are in there pocket or out of reach. But now, no more same problem for Smartphone users because Cuckoo Analog watch is now jumped in Technology World which has an ability to overcome all these issues.
cuckoo wrist watch
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If you wearing a cuckoo watch on your wrist then it will give you all updates of your Smartphone through LED Symbols on Dial at time. For example, it will inform you when,
cuckoo wrist watch new
  • your Smartphone is ringing (but not in your reach)
  • tell you about the upcoming appointments
  • also give battery low alerts
  • sms / Text messages alerts
  • got email or notification on any social media like Facebook, twitter, etc
  • even in case you forgot cell phone at home when you getting late to office the cuckoo wristwatch identify its location
cuckoo wrist watch color black
A bit stay, this watch also have some more features, like you can connect it with Smartphone camera for setting self timer or can also know the forgot position of Smartphone.

So, with the help of Android and iOS application you can keep in touch with all above features before that which are not in your access.
new cuckoo wrist watch app

The Cuckoo Wristwatch price is only 130 USD, and it will be start available in market from November with multiple cool color straps. 
cuckoo wrist watch straps colors

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