Wednesday 5 December 2012

How to Keep Data Safe on Your Blackberry

Not a lot of people are all that aware of the ways to protecting their blackberry unfortunately. This explains why despite the thinning out of Blackberry users, there are rampages of blackberry spyware and other cell phone monitoring tools all targeting the soon to be extinct Blackberry devices around us. Hackers and malware professionals will always be trying their level best to extract any and all available information right from out of our hands.
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Here are some ways to ensure that your Blackberry remains safe from all sorts of threats such as Trojans, bugs, viruses, malware, and Blackberry spyware.

1. Do Not Lose It

May seem like silly advice but it is ultimately the truth. If you own a Blackberry, before taking care of its insides, you need to secure it physically. This means that first you need to make sure that your Blackberry is always in a secure place, one where neither will you forget as well as one where others can’t simply pick it up and make for the door. So keeping it on your desk at work is fine, as long as you are at the desk yourself. Once you move, make sure the evice moves with you. If someone gets a hold of it, there are slim chances that they won’t be able to get at the information despite whatever security precautions you have taken.

2. Use a Password

There is just no point or reason which is valid enough nowadays for not having a password in place for your Blackberry. Setting up a password is super simple, all you have to do is go to the options menu. From there go to Security Options, then General Settings and then set the Password option to Enabled. Additionally, you can set up other security password related features. This means you can, and you should, put in automatic lock up. If you are prone to losing your phone a lot, albeit temporarily, set the automatic lock sooner to somewhere around 15 minutes.

3. Use a GOOD password

Ok so now you have a password. But it is very very important to actually spend more than 3o seconds on creating one, otherwise hackers will be able to get through it in roughly the same amount of time, if not sooner. A good password is one which does not have any personal data reflecting from it nor does it consist of easy strings of numbers such as 1234.

4.Use Content Protection

If you are using the Blackberry Enterprise Server, then the info which is being transmitted back and forth is relatively safe because it is already being encrypted. However, whatever stays in your device does not see the light of day or the glory of encryption. To make sure whatever remains in the device is safe, you should enable Content Protection. This way you can secure certain parts of data or entire lists such as your Address book or even whatever is stored on your media card.

5. Wipe the Device

If you plan on leaving using the Blackberry device for awhile, or even are lending it to a friend of relative to use for some time, wipe out whatever information you have archived on the device.  Save the important data elsewhere and only then pass the set on.
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