Tuesday 12 November 2013

How To Chat On Twitter With Friends Easily | Tweetalk.co

~ Tweetalk.co is a free useful application allow it users to chat with twitter friends easily and securely without  leaving the twitter interface.

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Twitter, one of the most popular social networking site alternatively known as micro blogging platform because of its limited length of tweets. Twitter is equipped with bunch of useful features especially the limit of 140 characters in a tweet that make message to the point and easy to understand, and these features make twitter the effective way and most favorable platform among brands, celebrities and professionals to interact with customers, fans and friends, respectively. On the other hand normal users who use twitter for general purpose and for fun find no way to make smooth chat with friends, this is where Tweetalk.co comes in.
Tweetalk.co provides the better, fastest and more secure way to interact with your friends and followers without spoiling your profile timeline with your personal conversation.

tweetalk twitter chat tool with friends followers

To start chatting with twitter followers, first you must need to install Tweetalk extension from website according to your browser. Currently Tweetalk extension is available only for Google Chrome and Mozila Firefox web browsers but they have plans to launch apps for iOS and android devices along separate option for public and private chatting.

After that open twitter in a new tab and make singin to your account. A thin black bar will appear at browsers bottom. Click Signin button that appears at extreme right side to start chatting with friends after app authorization (only first time).

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Once everything done perfectly you can see your total number of online followers in users. Click on that button to see which of your friends are available to start instant secure chatting with any of them.

Interestingly you can change your online status to Away, Busy, and Offline from applet. Moreover you can block annoying followers from Tweetalk dashboard from whom you don’t want to chat.

how to chat on twitter friends followers
In a conversation Roberto Santalla (@roobre) creator of tweetalk.co explained that only mutual followers with the application installed are shown on the contacts list and will be able to chat online.
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