Thursday 30 May 2013

Worlds Lightest Electric Skateboard | Boosted Boards

An year ago a group of students from university of California came to kickstarter in order to start a fund raising campaign for their unique project to create the worlds lightest electric skateboard. Within a short period of time Boosted Board Team successfully raised funds of 480K USD approx. (which is five times more than their actual estimation). Now, the good news for skating eagers is that this project is now successfully completed.

Electric Skateboard | Boosted Boards


Boosted Board has a short and simple in design. It is powered by an small electric motor of power 2000 W. In fact, its top speed and range also depends on riders weight but it can give an approximate speed of 32 km/h and range of 10 kilometers. It is equipped with lithium ion battery which will take around 15 minutes to get a complete charge from normal wall outlet.
Electric Skateboard | Boosted Boards
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Yet, Boosted Board is the worlds lightest electric skateboard with a total weight of 12 pounds. With light weight team also especially take care of its strength, design, durability, control, balance and safety. Weight wise it is less than a bicycle, easy to carry,  can run about 1000 km in cost of 1$ electricity. Even you can ride in rain, can climb uphills with similar speed and range as mentioned above. It is pretty easy to control acceleration acceleration, breaking, can go in reverse if you like, etc.

Worlds Lightest Electric Skateboard | Boosted Boards
Boosted Board power consumption is around 20 times lower in comparison to electric cars. It is Eco friendly and can become a good alternative of cars for a single and short distance travelers.

The introductory price of boosted board is only 1300 USD, which is quite cheap with respect to features. Interested riders can reserve units (up-to 4) by placing pre-order online via

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