Monday 27 May 2013

Create Animated Gifs in Android Phone | GIF Camera

Animated GIFs are likely the advanced version of static pictures, they have some more actions, memories, and fun. Recently, Google Plus also allow its users to use Gif's as profile pictures. Before now, there are a bunch of offline / Online apps are available to create free / paid gif pictures for computers, tablets, etc. but unfortunately not for millions of android users. Well from now Android users can also make gifs by using a GIF Camera free app on their devices.
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Android GIF Camera app
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GIF Camera app is not the first one but indeed it is simple, easy to control, fast and give more clear results than others. The developer create this app after inspiring from Cinemagram aap for iPhones but GIF camera is more advanced because of integration with social networks. It allows you share final gifs on social websites likely facebook, Google, or via email.

This app allows you to take photos, to make GIF it allows you to select upto 20 frames and then set frame rate and hit save. As requirement, your device must have at-least of Android 1.6 or higher.
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